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We can build a beautiful wood gate for your home.

If you have a wood fence or are planning to build one on your property, don’t forget to finish it off with a beautiful wood gate to match. Once you have both, you can enjoy the traditional, beautiful appearance and practical benefits they offer while also being able to enter or exit easily through the gate. We can help you achieve this at Moore’s Fencing by building you the gate ourselves to ensure results that are customized for your needs.

Wood Gate in Columbus, Georgia

We have been building and installing fences for almost a decade, and we can assure you of the quality of the gates we offer. We will use the best materials, tools, and fasteners to build your wood gate, even going so far as to use screws instead of nails since they make for a stronger, more durable gate. We take our job very seriously because we know how important it is to you for your home to be both beautiful and secure. That’s why our owner is on site for every job and inspects the work to ensure that it lives up to our high standards and yours as well.

We think transparency is important, so we would be happy to offer you a comprehensive estimate free of charge. The total cost of the project will be laid out for you so there won’t be any surprises and you can feel good about moving forward.

If you need a wood gate in Columbus, Georgia, don’t hesitate to contact us today to get started.